Analyze Business Processes and identify opportunities where AI can solve problems efficiently.


High Expertise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Automation focused on improving existing mechanisms within companies


A passion for today’s AI revolution and transforming industries while innovating new business models from the ground up


Founded by Tushar K Gerg, chief data scientist, Unicorn Technologies provides a variety of solutions to enterprises in the data analytics domain. The core focus area is Machine Learning and UT comes up with unique ways to provide solutions to Business Use Cases using ML.

UT has worked with premiere companies that are focused on innovation and has successfully deployed solutions that have produced a high ROI, as is typical with AI.

Living in the Deep Learning era, UT is able to provide customized implementations of Deep Neural Nets that leverage high data availability in areas such as Machine vision, NLP, Audio data analysis and more. Depending on the use case and amount of data available, UT will recommend the correct way to leverage deep learning, or apply the right ML algorithms.

Tushar K Gerg

Deep understanding of Machine Learning and its applications to solve real world business problems. We have developed many of the algorithms from scratch, and understand the Math that goes behind each.

Experience dealing with complex projects involving NLP and data classification which require custom algorithm development.

Creative ability to leverage the domain to identify and formulate key features that are the prime differntiators of success in Machine Learning

Observation of business functions with the goal of improving efficiency, reducing cost and optimizing revenue and identifying opportunities for ML applications to achieve that.

What makes Unicorn Technologies unique in the areas of data analytics is the ability to formulate custom features or parameters that are fed into learning algorithms. This requires in-depth research and domain knowledge to formulate, and collaboration with the Business team.

Projects and Software

Automated News Analysis
News contains vital information that is ripe for extraction such as facts about the world, general trends, people and companies, current trends. Now machines are reading the news like humans do, and not only are they capable of extractintg key facts and figures, but specific information about the article type, its relevance to certain key entities such as companies, products or people. This is possible through training machine learning classifiers with some clever natural language processing that sits at its backbone. That coupled with historically marked data equals an interesting machine learning solution capable of tremendous insight extraction from the day’s news. Unicorn Technologies has successfully deployed numerous Analytics solutions in this domain with a confident measure of accuracy.

Sentiment Detection using NLP and Machine Learning
Perhaps one of the most important aspects for companies and people is the effect of text whether in the news, reviews or tweets on readers. Using large volumes of historical data to help, we are able to successfully predict the sentiment automatically pertaining to individual entities in text.

Text Parsing and Relevancy
Answering questions such as what parts of the text is talking about a particular entitiy through clever features comprising of part of speech tagging, coreference resolution.This leads to interesting data points on how the text focus is shifting over time.

Text Categorization
Categorization of text based solely on its language, word densities and distributions to categorize text under specific categories such as industry focus.

Geo Clustering (On-going)
Improving location permanence through geo-location data points.

Innovations in Digital Marketing (Ongoing)
Predicting reach of digital marketing campaigns.

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