Developing AI solutions

A development firm specializing in integrating AI capabilities in industrial products.

Working with the needs and data of any partner to enable AI for any business:

Use case identification and prioritization

Proof of concept development

Production Integration and Testing

Why Us

State of the art AI models

We use industry leading AI models, and train them using custom data on powerful GPUs.

Prioritized for business

Work alongside client's team to partner on AI development goals and MVP expectation settings

Custom research and implementation

Tailored research for partner tasks, to ensure the best industry practices and solutions are employed

'Whitebox' prediction assessment

Test and report the boundaries of accuracy on input data

Deploy and Measure

Production inference results are monitored and measured, followed by improvement recommendations

Transparent and Efficient

Excellent communication and transparency are at the center of the solution delivery

Aspect based sentiment Analysis

Larger and larger pretrained language models are raising the bar for state of the art in NLP.

This is an example implementation for targeted sentiment analysis task that uses a high performing deep learning model built on top of the BERT language model. This differs from traditional sentiment analysis as it detects the sentiment differently for each target entity within a piece of text.

About us

Founded in 2016 as a means to bridge the gaps of AI with a transparent approach, we have had the opportunity to work with premiere technology companies in India and United States in multiple domains involving product management and aritificial intelligence.

Founder: Tushar Gerg

Tushar is an experienced engineer and a product management professional who has worked at Fortune 100 companies and startups in the United States and India. He studied Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology, USA, with a specialization in AI. He enjoys staying updated with the current trend of AI advancements and applying them in industry.  

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