Driving growth by bridging technology and business goals

Aim to impact your business metrics directly through state of the art data analytics and technology solutions.

The Process



Partner on goals and analyze data to identify core problems to solve that will drive metrics in the right direction.

Also, set up your data analytics warehouse in the process if required.



Use our product management experience to come up with impactful solutions , and estimate technology needs to tailor an ROI driven strategy and timeline.

Speed of market is of high importance to us, and try to ensure our timeline matches yours.

Develop and Iterate

Develop and Iterate

Execute tech specs, managing the delivery cycle and impact measurement.

The solution can be as simple as using an off the shelf software program, or creating a customized algorithm using ML.





About us

Unicorn Technologies

Unicorn Technologies provides a variety of solutions to enterprises through data analytics and ROI driven technology solutions. We have delivered complex technology projects ranging from Machine Learning implementations, data warehouse installations, and technology consulting.

Examples include identifying high impact opportunities, and delivering end to end solutions involving ML, or developing complete products.

Founded in 2016 as a means to bridge the gaps with a transparent approach, we have had the opportunity to work with premiere technology companies in India and United States in multiple domains at scale.

Founder: Tushar Gerg

Tushar is an experienced technology and product management professional who has worked at Fortune 100 companies and successful startups in the United States and India. He studied Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology, USA, with a specialization in AI, and worked in multiple engineering/product departments – learning new technologies and scaling product growth. His experience and expertise in data analytics allows him to estimate core technology needs for business problems, and managing end to end solution delivery.

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